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Latest Publication: Felix Strüning: Freedom of Speech is a Human Right

Felix Strüning: Freedom of Speech is a Human Right

Freedom can only exist where every person can freely express his or her opinion and freely receive information, because the fundamental right to freely express one’s opinion is the prerequisite for many other human rights such as: freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and freedom of science. Yet that which is a human right for the western world and constitutes a state of law is a crime for others. In Islam, nothing that questions its claim to truth may be publicly expressed.

In this discussion paper, the core differences between the universal and Islamic understanding of human rights with regard to the freedom of expression will be explained. How national and international Islamic associations are increasingly putting pressure on Western politics by gradually criminalizing any critique of Islam will be demonstrated.

The right to express one’s opinion freely is not the only thing at stake here; this will settle the question as to whether free democratic basic order will be able to endure at all.

The STRESEMANN FOUNDATION is committed to the preservation and advancement of the liberal-democratic legal system. It follows the example of the great statesman Gustav Stresemann who always understood the necessity of shielding Germany from extremist forces from the left as well as from the right.
The STRESEMANN FOUNDATION promotes research on the historical development of the values of the Western community as well as of the threats of collectivist political and religious ideologies.
The STRESEMANN FOUNDATION develops solutions to current problems and debates, particularly on issues of immigration, good governance, democracy and direct citizen participation, as well as the future of the European Union, its currency and values.

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