Basic Islamic Beliefs

Today, many different religious beliefs are available all over the world with all of them having their beliefs and believers. The issue of religion continues to blow sparks as each day passes with people all over the world having varying opinions on the same. While some religions have few followers, others such as Islam and Christianity have massive followers. In this article, we look at some of the basic beliefs of Islamic religion.


  1. Belief in God


Muslims believe in one God that is unique and cannot be compared to anyone. The God Muslims believe in has no child or partner and none is to be worshipped but Him alone. Muslims believe that their God is true and any other deity is an untrue one. His names are magnificent and His attributes are faultless. In the world or anywhere else, nobody comes close to His divinity and attributes according to the special book, the Quran. According to the holy book, no human being can be worshiped, praised or prayed to. God is in command and should remain like so at all times. God (Allah) is all knowing, all seeing and all present. He can see things before they happen and everything that takes place in the world is His will.


2.Belief in God’s Holy Word


Muslims also believe that God communicates to them through His revealed books to His messengers. These books are a proof to every Muslim that He exists and relay the plans He has for humanity. One of the most popular books written by Messengers sent by God Himself and revealed by Prophet Muhammad is the Quran. From here, we learn that God protects the Quran from any form of distortion or corruption.


3.Belief in the Angels

Angels are special creatures that Muslims believe should be honored as well. From what the Quran says, Angels are only answerable to God and act only when He commands so. Gabriel is amongst the most popular angels and he is responsible for presenting Muhammad with the Quran.


4.The Presence of Prophets and Messengers of God


The prophets and Messengers that Muslims believe in include Adam, Noah, Ishmael, Abraham, Jesus, Moses, Isaac and Jacob. God gave His final message to Muhammad and Muslims believe that Muhammad is the last prophet.


5.The Judgment Day

According to the Holy books revealed by God, all Muslims will face the Day of Judgment also known as the Day of resurrection. On this day, Muslims believe that they will be judged according to how they acted during their time on earth.


Additionally, Muslims believe in Divine Predestination otherwise known as AL-Qadar. This, therefore, means that every Muslim is responsible for both the right and wrong decisions that they make.




While it is true that various religions all over the world, Islam is amongst the most famous ones. The religion has believers all over the world all serving the same God called Allah. God is responsible for creating the universe and none is to be worshiped but Him. He is all knowing, all seeing and all present. He communicates to His people through Holy books such as the Quran and protects them against any form of danger. Many have turned to religion for acute back pain management. While there is no solid proof it works, a lot testify that it works.